Thank Jobs, i did not buy an iPhone

When iPhone 3G came to India, I was sure to buy it, till the price was announced at 31,000/-. I quickly made the dash for a cheap Motorola. Couple of days ago i heard of Blackberry Storm, and for a while there’s been the buzz about Google Android for the smartphones. And suddenly i was glad i did not buy and iPhone.

Thanks to Apple, there is a huge buzz in the smartphone market, anybody who is making cellphones lined up swanky new smartphones. The two that catch the eye are HTC with Android and super cool  Blackberry Storm.

Now thinking about it, iPhone development is extremely restrictive. Why would I not use Android, Which would give me a lot more control over my phone and probably more technically compelling. I’ve not yet tried the RIM developer, but it can’t be more closed than Apple’s. And how many people program Objective C anyways?

I don’t know when all these interesting phones will come to India, and how much they will be priced at? But I can only thank Steve Jobs for avoiding the mistake of buying an overpriced iPhone.


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