Perception to Conception

Perception without Conception is blind, said the formidable Kant. And it makes more sense now. Especially after reading How to solve it

Having great ideas does not make you a smart guy. We all see a lot of people who have a lot of great ideas. What differentiates an apprentice from a Master craftsman is the execution.

Apprentices have great ideas too, but are at a loss in their implementation.

Journeymen also have great ideas, and they have an idea of how to go about implementing it, but invariably they get bogged down by other people’s opinions and unwillingness to change the old ways of doing things.Eventually they lose faith and blame the system for the inability to accept ideas.

It needs a Master to take an idea, break it down into steps small enough and bring about the change in a manner that others only realize much after it’s become a norm.

Personally, I am trying to be a master, but it is hard.


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