it was pretty

From Bike trip to Hampi

Last weekend we drove across the heart of Deccan Plateau to Hampi on an ‘On Now Off Now’ trip. It took us almost a day of hard riding to get to Hampi on my Enfield Bullet.

It was festivities in Hampi, which was all decked up for the Hampi Festival, which was obviously organized with the national Elections in mind. As we entered the Hampi town, we saw around 20 elephants all dressed up in a caravan, and hot air balloons in the air, all of it excited us. We settled in a small guesthouse overlooking the pretty river, and across we could see the whole magnifique of the temple.

This is the best part of hampi, sitting at a distance and comprehending everything. The pulsating drums of the town welcoming people, synced with the heartbeats to provide a magical calm, after a long time i was in deep meditation for a long time, People smoking Pot notwithstanding.


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