Continous Introspection

Long time ago, i decided i wanted to do something more and decided to take yearly sabbaticals from work to decide among other things where i was going with my life. These 4-6 monthly breaks, involved living on daily wages, beer and Pot, sometimes teaching and sometimes traveling across countries. It did not help me on where I wanted to go in life, I did however help me develop a perspective different from most other people, a lot of friends and enormous respect for people with wanderlust.

Since a few months now, i have been running more or less regularly. And i am at a stage where running is second nature, i don’t  get tired at my standard rhythm, I can run almost for ever. Before this i would have to focus on running and concentrating on thinking was hard. Now I can think independently of running. It is a state that people can (and strive to) achieve in most physical activities. The Zenesque state of  ‘Act without Action‘.

Now i take stock of life everyday, simply by replaying it since morning and figuring out what i liked to do and what i did not and how to work around it. In the end it seems terribly simple. Dedicated time every day, will always be better than once a year retrospective. In the same vein of Integrate Early Integrate Often, I have my own Introspect Early and Introspect Often. Hence, Countinous Introspection. Let’s see if it it works out better.


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