Rocking Tour of Nilgiris

For the last week my road bike became my bride, and in her i did confide. It was some of the most interesting experience I’ve had this year. 7 days of peace, cycling, pain in the back side and NO Software.

We rode 919 kms in a week, that included the 2000 meter climb to Ooty, something i will remember for a long long time. It took all the mental and physical strength to make it to the top. I did every single bit of the tour, and never had to be ‘saved’, This is the goal i had setup for myself, before i started. And Other than the Ooty Climb, it never looked in trouble.

If it sounds too simple, it definitely was not, there were only 10 (maybe less) people who completed all the stretches of the Tour and it averaged about 2 accidents a day for the whole group. Luckily i had nothing eventful, other than a minor fall when i was pushed out of the road by an auto.

The tour also involved a lot of socializing (something i am not really good at), but riding together and living in same place brings a sense of camaraderie that is hard to come by otherwise. It was awesome to come together from such eclectic backgrounds and share a common passion for cycling.

We are planning to do the Tour of Ladakh and the second edition of Tour of Nilgiris this year. Let’s see how it goes.


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