What would you remember?

The recent Tata safari ad asks you. I really like the ad which makes you think what your priorities in life are.

Same day i saw the ad Matt sent me some of the pictures from the trip we took 3 years ago, hiking into Ladakh from Spiti along with a pair of donkeys. We crossed the Parang-la at approximately 19000 feet, that close to 6 Km up in the air, meandered 5 km away from the chinese border, forded ice cold Indus.

Near Tso MoririThis picture just stuck in my mind. After a hard day of hiking at 15000 feet and cooking trying to catch up on the book before the evening light fades This was my life’s second serious hike. The first one was ofcourse the solo attempt at Legendary John Muir trail, took me just shy of 4 weeks. Even though this was bear country, i never saw any bears, despite other hikers’ claims about bears around the bend. The last day i survived on water donated by other hikers or melting the snow on the rocks.


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