After a while, i have took off from work to do a short trip to Khajuraho. To visit Khajuraho during the Dance Festival was a long time desire that was fulfilled this year.
To say the it is an amazing place is to understate. The place is obviously well known for the temples and the erotic sculptures, but i wasn’t really impressed by the temples and the sculpture. It was the people we met up there and conversations we had. It may have to do with the eclectic nature of people who come over there but every single conversation seemed to expand my mind.
The dance performances were wonderful, La creame de la creme of the dancers come every year to this place in the background of the western group of temples, to enact their art.

We missed the first two days of the festival, but all the others we made it religiously. The energy of Dr. Subramanyam during his hour long Bharatnatyam presentation was the high point, around the end it was announced that he was 75 years old. Amazing to have such a passion and dedication to their craft at such an age.

The Odissi dances on the fourth day, i really enjoyed, the expressions and the sheer beauty of the dance made it  very entertaining and refreshing.

Like most places in India if you dig below the surface, there are a lot of side tours around khajuraho that guide books that just skim the surface. We cycled to the Ken Ghariyal Santctury one early morning to watch the Ghariyals Sunbathing on the banks or river Ken, while locals almost seemed oblivious of the presence of the Big Ghariyals. More than the watching Ghariyals part i enjoyed the trail riding on the Old fashioned Hero Jet Cycle. Next time i go, i should take my mountain bike with me to try explore the trails and interesting (and colourful) people.

Orccha is another interesting place. We skipped the Kalingarh fort, because it was far and the sun was burning and the beer at Raja Cafe was cold.

Overall a very interesting and revealing trip.


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