Why have i stopped drinking coca cola?

There are a lot of things that we tend to do because it is what the Cool Kids do. The taste for Coke was an habit i picked up from the cool kids. We all know Coke is not great for health, it feels good and that’s where i used to leave it. Not Anymore.

More i learn about the “cool refresher”, more i think it is evil. It is not just about the use of  pesticides in coke, or about Health diseases it causes, it is environmental.

Firstly it was never good for the health, it has a ton of sugar and caffeine. It’s not great the teeth and the stomach and the body. But the  sugar in Coke is not the sugar we are used to, but High Fructose Corn syrup(HFCS), which is cheaper, thanks to the abundance of Corn. Oh! yeah a lot of it  (atleast in the US) comes from the infamous Cargill, which is known to use GM seeds. Though debated, HFCS is different from regular sugar(actually has worse effects on the body than just sugar) and it may not be coincidence that  it’s rise in US has coincided with the dramatic rise in obesity.

My biggest reason for disliking Coke is the way it has managed to use water in India. All across india, in stated as diverse as Kerala, Punjab, and Rajasthan farmers are accusing Coke depleting Water from the aquafers (without paying a penny)  that were  used for irrigation of the crops. Even government figures show a dramatic drop in the water table in such areas. To make matters worse, it is not even efficient with it’s water consumption, A liter of Coke uses up anywhere between 3.12(coke’s claim) and 9 liters of water.  It seems rather stupid that our “cool refresher” costs so much in terms of water. Not to mention food as well, because the lack of water for farmers means higher food prices and distressed farmers.

It has also consistently refused to use more environment friendly packaging for it’s drinks. Bottles of Coke and packets of chips are the most common form of litter on the streets and rivers and streams in India.

It also became notorious for the outrageously high amount of pesticides in the bottles, 35 time the allowed limit. It has also been reported to run the bottling plants in unhygienic conditions.

Companies like Coca cola do not operate democratically, they have nothing but their shareholders to keep happy, and they have huge propaganda machines to keep doing things that reduces their costs. The way it makes sense for them would be either stop using the products of Coca Cola or provide them with economic incentive to do it differently. I guess i can only do the former.

Some links on Coke.

A whole pandora’s box of Criticism of Coca cola


Coke Facts, a website setup by Coca cola

Per capita Coke consumption over the years. Look at Asia’s growth and US dropping of dramtically


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