Google Trends, Elections and IPL

Inspired by the Economist post, i tried using Google trends to see what kind of  interest people have in the elections, as against IPL. Look for yourself the results here.

The Filter is set to India, in order to avoid clashes with othes similar elections and tournaments.

Obviously the IPL fever has been getting higher but 3 times more interest from educated people towards IPL is surprising. Maybe it shows a lack of interest in internet using indians towards elections. This data is extremely interesting.

Look at the amazing spike in interest recently. All the advertisers have got their money’s worth.

The news reference Volume refers to the google news hits, and seems like the newspapers don’t get it, they give more importance to elections, while they could push more IPL content, at least to the metro crowd.

West bengal seems to be nuts about IPL, and statistically insignificant number of people care about elections. Andhra Pradesh ranks highest in the election interest, though not enough to beat the IPL interest. India truly is going nuts about IPL.

I could not resist another query on the Google trends, this time it was facing off Congress and BJP, to figure out the sentiment. Here it goes again. Congress Vs. BJP


One response to “Google Trends, Elections and IPL

  1. Dude, people do not go online, search google to read about elections, that might be the reason behind this. I am not saying thats the trend is right or wrong, I think the sampling means are.

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